Good Deeds

In our kind of community, everyone is connected, and no one goes without kindness in their lives. Our mission is to bring people together over beautiful drinks glass sets and support causes that bring goodness to the community.

When we launched Drinkind we knew we wanted to make charitable donations but we couldn't think of one specific charity that we could partner with that would benefit the unique communities around the UK. So then we thought, why not ask our lovely customers. So...

Tell Us Who To Donate to:

Every three months we will make a donation to a different charity and we want you to help us. Maybe there is a charity that has helped you or someone close to you. Maybe they went above and beyond to bring kindness to your community and you think they should be rewarded. We have outlined a set of criteria that we think will help us get the funds directly to smaller UK-based charities that are doing good in their community. These are:

  • The charity must serve a local community and not be a nationwide organisation
  • Must have annual revenue (from operations and any grants awarded) under £2m annually. 
  • Must be registered and in good standing with the charities commission UK (you can search for your charity here)

How do we decide which charity to donate to?

Every three months we sit down as a team to go through your nominations. This process involves every current employee of Drinkind reading every nomination received. Each employee then assigns 1, 2, or 3 points to the nomination received. The charity with the most points awarded will receive the next donation.

This process is done anonymously so that each staff member can make their own mind up and not feel any pressure to select certain charities. We will discuss the results as a team to make sure the process was undertaken in a fair manner and the chosen charity fits our outlined criteria. 

We will always speak directly to the nominated charity if they are voted top. This is simply to confirm their contact details and good standing, whilst making sure they want/can receive the donation and ensure its put to good use.

Once a charity has been confirmed we will update our website with information on the latest donation and for complete transparency we will announce the size of the donation (as long as the charity is comfortable with this).

If you have any questions about this process we always look forward to hearing from you. 

How to nominate your local charity

When you place an order with Drinkind you will receive an email after your order that will contain a link to the nomination form. You get one nomination for each order placed. You are allowed to nominate the same charity on multiple orders and it will receive more points. This delivery is important and has a set date, you can help make a difference today. The last 'Good Deed' we did was with The Royal Trinity Hospice, which you can find here.