Good Deeds

In our kind of community, everyone is connected and no one goes without kindness in their lives. Our mission is to bring people together over beautiful drinks products and to support causes that bring kindness to the community.

Tell Us Who To Donate to Next...

Rather than donating a % of each sale we decided to take a slice of our profits every three months and ask you, our lovely customers who we should donate to. We have a set of criteria for all our donations and these are:
  • Charity must serve a local community and not be a nationwide organisation
  • Must have revenue, including grants, under £2m annually. (This helps us find those hardworking organisations that can really put the money to work quickly)
  • Must be registered and in good standing with the the charities commission UK

Every three months we sit down as a team to go through your nominations. We may come back to ask you specific questions and we will always speak directly to the nominated charity. We will update our website with information on the latest donations for complete transparency and if you have any questions about this process we always look forward to hearing from you.

How to nominate your local charity

Simply visit the contact us page, and provide a short message that details why you think this is a wonderful charity.