Celebrate Pride Month with this Kissed Rainbow Cocktail

by Brandnation Integrated Ltd Collaborator

Drinkind is beyond excited about Pride Month! It’s here and it’s queer.

Gay pride is an annual festival and parade, organised by the LGBTQ+ community. It is held each summer in the city of London and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Many want to be part of this march and join in on the fun! How cool is that?

This fabulous event showcases the most inspiring talents and ultimately celebrates diversity. There is a variety of events taking place that are sure to keep everyone entertained including theatre, dance, talks and much more. Be sure to be showered with love and acceptance.

We cannot contain our excitement at Drinkind and decided we need to introduce you to the delightful Kissed Rainbow Cocktail which screams fabulousness!

This is the ultimate Gay Pride inspired Rainbow Cocktail. This beautifully bubbly cocktail is Skittle infused vodka…the happy cocktail! Basically, it’s a bundle of joy in a glass.


  • Large Pack of Sour Skittles
  • Vodka
  • Orange Juice
  • Lime Juice
  • Fanta Grape


  • Orange Layer: Sour orange skittles infused with vodka and orange juice
  • Green Layer: Sour lime skittles infused with vodka, a splash of lime juice and a touch of sprite
  • Purple Layer: Sour grape skittles with a touch of Fanta Grape.
  • To top off this brilliance, add Minute Maid Lemon Soft Serve.

Sounds delicious right? Well, let this be your gay pride signature drink! Shop our glasses today and try this masterpiece today!