Weddings, Birthdays, and Family Get-Togethers...why you need Drinkind’s Gift and G&Tea sets this Winter

by Camron Dore

We think it's time to look towards the closing stages of the year and its coinciding celebrations as the nights draw in for 2021. Everybody loves to celebrate, but not everyone knows how. This is where we’ve got you covered! Pick a seasonal drink of your choice, but when it comes to what you’re sipping it out of, Drinkind is here to help! These chilly times call for weddings, anniversaries, family get-togethers, parties, birthdays, and festive cheer, and with so much glassware to choose from – let the festivities BEGIN! 

Ready to raise a glass? Whether you are tying the knot or want to celebrate a memorable occasion, what better way to raise a toast than with a glass of champagne? Let your glasses shine as bright and dazzle your friends and family, with our Stemless Rainbow Prosecco Flutes

Fall head-over-heels with our best-selling G&Tea Cocktail Set, the perfect gift for all occasions. Be the Madhatter of your tea party, this glass set can be accompanied by scones, sandwiches and cakes to get the complete G&Tea experience. The set also comes with the option to purchase additional spare parts (lid and filter). 



First comes love, then comes the anniversary! The celebrations don’t have to be quite as bombastic, but a good glass of gin goes a long way in marking the special day. If you are feeling extra special, then our cat gin glasses might be for you. These uniquely designed glasses are perfect for all kinds of cat lovers, but why stop there? Our cat gin gift set comes with a golden cat-shaped stirrer and jigger perfect for any gin lover. So, if you are looking for a fun, unusual gin glass that will be the talking point of the day and put a smile on faces, look no further than this cat-themed pair. Wherever you may be celebrating they’ll fit right in. After all, cats choose us; we don’t choose them.

You may of course still be looking for the one. If this is the case, you can wow your date with sophistication by using our martini glasses! Shaken or stirred, you can decide! Your date will never forget the day they witnessed the coolest martini glasses they’ve ever laid their eyes on with our Rainbow Martini and Margarita glasses. We can only hope you’ll be as memorable to your date!



Birthdays come around once every year and they’re almost always messy. As part of the night, refills are an absolute must. The vibrant rainbow pitcher from Drinkind holds one litre worth of liquid, making it the perfect accomplice to our cocktail glasses set, each holding 250ml. Alternatively, you may choose to bring the bar home with our incredible Bartenders selection featuring titanium tools and a specific bag to make you a true professional. No birthday is complete without a shot of tequila! Our Himalayan Salt Glasses come in sets of two and four. These may be used as a quick alcoholic fix, but our glass is there to be admired. Taken literally from Himalayan rock through mining, these one-of-a-kind glasses are incredibly sturdy and an impressive sight. They’re best used with tequila as the old ways of sprinkling salt on your hand are completely skipped with it being ingrained into the glass. 

As we near the end of the year, we’re all called to many different celebrations. From Diwali, Fireworks night, Thanksgiving, the festive period spanning multiple days in December and many more. These are well-renowned as being the time for family, where get-togethers are almost every other day. As a civilised get-together, carafes and shots may not be on the highest of agendas. Instead, Tumblers might be. Hot drinks may tickle your fancy this season with coffee, tea, hot chocolate and mulled wine being drinkable from our glasses. So, as the weather gets colder and the coats get bigger, get your drinks hotter. Our collection comes in three distinct colours, from black or geo gold-framed glasses and standard clear glasses. 



So, whatever you and your family may be celebrating in the upcoming weeks, make sure to use Drinkind for whatever liquids you may be consuming. Not only will you look stylish, so will your concoctions.